- It is Official -

R.I. CRMC has approved the EYC application to build !! 

 - Save the Date ! -

- For these 2014 Events -

  -Website was last updated 10/29/2014 -

Christmas Party - Dec 7th

Check here and the EYC calendar often for newly scheduled events !


To contact the Social Committee Chair - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


-EYC Summer  Hours -

EYC Summer Season Ends November 1st

  Mon - Thurs 8am - Sundown

Fri  thru Sun 8am - 9pm

 Members -  Please keep in mind that  BOG meetings continue monthly (on the 2nd Wednesday of each month) and the EYC Ships Store is open for purchases of logo'd clothing, glass ware and burgees.

 All of the EYC logo'd items are offered here on the website and are available for order and delivery or pick up.


EYC Publications

  The following EYC publications are available in the members restricted area of this website -

      EYC 2014 Log

      Oct 2014 BOG and Annual Membership meetings

      June 2014 Annual Meeting minutes

      April 2013 Offwatch

      Oct 2013 Member Meeting minutes - ammended


      To view any of the publications:  log in to the members area,  click on the "Current Offwatch & Log" tab under  the News & Events listing. Members are able to view the Offwatch, BOG minutes & other documents and print a copy or forward it via an e-mail.  To conserve server space we will publish the current, Log, Offwatch and Minutes only. Each copy will be available online until the next issue becomes available for posting.

  Remember, if you have not already done so, you must register to gain access to the members area of the website (see instructions - below).  

                                           Welcome to the EYC website !     

          EYC members - there's plenty of  information relevant to your Yacht Club in the members restricted area!

   Please be advised that if you have not previously registered to Login on the members restricted area of the website, you will need to do so, prior to obtaining access. 

  To register :

      Click on  "Members Login"

      Click on  "Don't have an account"

      Fill in required information, use First and Last name!

      Fill in the Captcha widget block with the words, characters and spacing provided.

      Click on "Register"

 The software will do the rest, you'll receive a confirming e-mail, which requires a response and a registration e-mail when the process has been completed.