Edgewood Yacht Club Prints

  Prints of the December, 201o painting (below) of the Edgewood Yacht Club, by Arthur Moniz, are still available from the Arthur Moniz Gallery in New Bedford. A link to the gallery is below, where you will find further information, regarding purchase, delivery or pick up.

  Remember that a portion of the selling price will be returned to the EYC building fund toward the rebuilding of the Clubhouse. 

  A framed or unframed print, as well as the other EYC items available from the gallery, make great gifts for any occasion.

  Also available with the EYC image are marble coasters, marble clocks, tide clocks and marble thermometers. The items are all available through the Arthur Moniz Gallery website, look under the heading "Commemorative Prints".





To go to the Arthur Moniz Gallery website -  Click here  The EYC print is listed under "Commemorative Prints" on the website.