EYC Crew and Boat Finder


The Edgewood Yacht Club crew and boat finder pages (Boat seeking Crew and Crew seeking Boat) are listings submitted by boat owners and/or crew members who are seeking contacts for participation in sailing events during the 2012 season.



  To submit a posting for either of the Crew & Boat Finder pages here on the EYC website,  send an e-mail with the information listed below, to - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

(Posting requests may take up to 24 hrs to be completed)



Be sure to include the following information with your submission -


  •     Name
  •    Crew or Boat owner
  •    Crew position desired or position on boat needed to fill
  •    Date(s) available / desired
  •    Experience level
  •    Type of boat
  •    Contact information
  •     Posts should be 75 words or less 


Please be advised that the contact information provided will be posted on the public side of the  EYC website. If your situation/requirements change, forward that information through the e--mail link above. Postings will remain active for a period of 30 days, an extension of another 30 posting days will be made on request. EYC reserves the right to screen posts that are considered to be off topic. 




EYC is not responsible for the content of the Crew & Boat Finder submissions or for the correctness of the information shown. Users of the Crew and Boat Finder pages agree to make their own arrangements with the other users of the service and EYC has no responsibility for any arrangements made.