Frostbiting at EYC with the Frozen Few -




The winter months, for most sailors, mean long cold months waiting for the spring thaw and the sanding, waxing and maintenance of boats which routinely follow. That is, except for a few hardy souls who brave the winter weather, cold temperatures and unforgiving winds and go sailing. These are the "Frozen Few", a group of committed sailors who have found the competition challenging, the winds favorable and the temperatures somewhat bearable. 

 The "Frozen Few" sailors compete on a weekly basis, weather permitting  exclusive of storms or rough seas. Most recently, despite of the losses of sails, masts and equipment during the January 2011 fire which consumed the EYC Clubhouse - the necessary replacement equipment was begged for, borrowed or .......... to ensure the continuation of the frostbiting season.

The winter frostbiting season is open to all members of the Edgewood Yacht Club, as well as anyone else willing to brave the winter weather, make the commitment to the sport and participate.







To contact the Race Committee Chairperson - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.